It always rains on Thursday’s

Yes, it’s true. It ALWAYS rains on Thursday’s. I’m not saying it only rains on Thursday’s, that would be absurd, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if it doesn’t rain all week long, it will rain on Thursday. I’ve never noticed it until I got a job which requires me to be outside 80% of the time. The first time that I worked in the rain, it was pouring down so hard, that I had a serious talk with God about quitting. 

Mind you, I’d only been on the job for maybe two months. Before I got the job, I’d been believing God for a great job for months. I’d turned down other jobs, because I knew that God was going to give me something better. I think it’s important to remember that if you pray for something great, and God gives it to you, or even exceed your expectations of what you’ve prayed for, you need to fight to keep it. I think there’s a misconception in the body of believers that better means easier. 

Better doesn’t always mean easier. Sometimes we have to fight to protect and keep that “better” whatever it is. Anyway, after I went on a rant about the rain on the job, God told me not to give up so easily. He told me that He blessed me with the job, and He will give me strength to endure it. Maybe a couple weeks after that I got bit by a spider and a week later a bumblebee! 

Are you kidding me? I hadn’t gotten bitten by a bee since I was like ten! I was angry! God why?  Back swollen looking like Quasimodo…

First it rains cats and dogs on me, then I get attacked by insects? I was getting tested in all kinds of ways, not to mention a lot of the bugs I saw while outside, looked as if they should’ve had a role in Jumanji! These bugs were huge! I can’t make this stuff up! So my patience was being tested, but my faith was being strengthened at the same time. 

I am not an outdoorsy person, but I like my job a lot, so I make it do, what it do. Anyway, I look at the forecast every night so that I’m prepared in the morning, for whatever the weather brings my way! I believe in all things preparation is key. Prepare for the rain. Prepare for the bugs. 

Prepare for what you’re praying for. Prepare for life. Now the rain doesn’t bother me, at all. After my first talk with God, I now work in the rain as if it was sunny skies and 75 degrees. God did exactly what He said. 

He has given me strength to get through it, because personally, I wanted to give up. I can’t count how many times I’ve worked in the rain since, including today, which is Thursday by the way. It just makes me think about how often we give up on the very things we’ve prayed for. When things get hard, we think it’s not of God, but what if He allows these things to happen to test your faith? I believe He does just that, and He also does it to see if we are faithful with the blessings He’s given us. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that Thursday is my last workday of the week. I have a long weekend, every weekend, but it makes me think of how inconveniences or “rain” oftentimes comes pouring down on us when we’re so close to reaching a goal or a dream. In those situations, it feels like when it rains, it pours. However, I just wanted to encourage you not to give up when things aren’t going as planned, because we cannot see the eternal scope of things, but God can! He knows our ending before our beginning, and if He brings you to it, He will bring you through it. 

Don’t give up now, you are closer to reaching your destiny more now than ever before! Just remember when you get there, things may be better, but they will not always be easy, but as long as you fight in the strength of the Lord, and continue to trust Him to guide your steps, you will live life purposefully being everything that God created you to be.

Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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