Jamie Lynn Welch LL.M. – A short story by Shubricca L Bell

Jamie Lynn Welch is a well known attorney from Savannah Georgia, who earned her master of laws degree in 2006. Since then Jamie has built a reputable law firm in the south, but is well known throughout the entire southeastern region of the country as the number one go to attorney for handling criminal and human rights cases. When other attorneys turned down a case, they’d refer the client to Jamie, but not before explaining to the client that it would cost a pretty penny. Jamie was fearless but also about justice. Her passion for law comes from seeing her best friend killed at age 16, and the killer beating the murder charge.

Since then she’d vow to make a difference in the world by helping to establish justice for all. Her current client, reminded her so much of her best friend before her life was taken. Both girls dated young men from well to do families. Jamie’s best friend was killed by her boyfriend’s father. He would come on to her when his son wasn’t around.

It began with compliments on how beautiful she was, then he began to make sexual comments that made her feel awkward. She told her boyfriend but he didn’t believe her. They broke up and a few days later, the dad called her to apologize, and told her that he explained everything to his son. He pretended his son wanted her to come over so that they could reunite. When she got there, the son wasn’t there.

The father said his son had went to the store and he’d be right back. He offered her a soda and she accepted. Some time after drinking the soda, she started to feel light headed so she excused herself and went to the bathroom, where she called Jamie. She told Jamie what was going on, and that shortly after drinking the soda her ex boyfriend’s father had given her, she didn’t feel too well. Jamie told her that she was coming to get her, but her best friend insisted that she was okay to drive home since it was only ten minutes away.

Jamie told her to keep the phone on speaker because she didn’t trust the father, and she wanted to talk to her friend as she drove home. Her friend said okay. Then the father came and knocked on the door and asked if everything was ok. Jamie’s friend said yes, and came out of the bathroom. Jamie was still on the phone, but didn’t say a word.

She had muted her phone so that the father wouldn’t know. Jamie heard the father tell her friend that maybe she should lay down until his son came home. She insisted that she leave instead. Then she heard her friend yell, “Get your hands off of me.” At that point, Jamie hopped in her car and began to make her way over there.

Then Jamie heard the father offer her friend a generous amount of money for sex, if she kept her mouth closed. Her friend turned him down, and ran out of the house. She was crying and then it sounded like she was trying to scream, but her mouth was covered. Jamie called the police. They arrived there at the same time.

The father pretended that he hadn’t seen Jamie’s friend in days, and that he had been in his home office working all evening. He convinced the police that Jamie was delusional, and he made up a story that Jamie and her friend tried to steal from him, and that his son found out and dumped Jamie’s friend. He told the police that Jamie and her friend may have came up with a sick story, to get him locked up, so that they could burglarize his home. The police asked him if he filed a police report when the girls so called tried to steal from him. He said it wasn’t necessary.

So after talking with the father a couple more minutes, the police apologized for disturbing him, and they told Jamie to go home. Two days later Jamie’s friend body was found inside her car that had been driven into a lake. The autopsy report showed that her death was caused by violent asphyxia. There were also evidence that she’d been sexually assaulted and a qualitative test revealed she was under the influence of the drug Rohypnol. Young Jamie was devastated but channeled all her grief into something positive.

Her current client was molested by her foster father. The client tried to kill him in his sleep, so Jamie’s hands was full with this case. Her client’s boyfriend was good to her, and thought it would be in the best interest to get his girlfriend the best lawyer for the case, which was of course Jamie. His parents didn’t mind paying for it, because they knew the girl was a good, smart kid, with a bright future ahead, and that she wasn’t a murder. The abuse led her to almost commit murder, by slitting his throat.

When Jamie’s client committed the act, her foster dad immediately passed out from shock, but he didn’t die. Her client then called her boyfriend who asked his parents for advice, and his parents convinced her to call the police, and tell the truth about the abuse, and what she’d done; so she did. Her boyfriend and his parents came over to support her, but she was locked up upon arrival. Her boyfriend’s parents paid her bail, and now she’s out on bond preparing for trial. Jamie couldn’t help but get so angry at times, thinking of this young girl and her best friend that suffered sexual abuse.

Jamie wanted revenge for her best friend, for her client and anyone who has ever experienced that pain. She found herself so angry at times, but knew she had to separate her personal feelings from the present facts. She knew that it was better to get justice than revenge. Revenge takes people to the same low place as their perpetrator. So she found herself talking to God often.

She wanted to represent Christ, but her feelings often got in the way. God spoke through her mother often and one day her mother said, “As much as you love your best friend, there is a young girl in your presence who needs God, more than she needs anything. It’s impossible to give this case the attention it deserves, if you’re only thinking of yourself. I know that you want to do this to give all victims of sexual abuse hope, but you need to do it the right way, by listening, getting a clear understanding and doing what’s just and fair. You can’t think clear when you’re angry.

You can’t hear from God if you stay angry. All you’ll know is rage. You must trust that God will avenge. You do your part to represent this young lady with a clear conscience. Let go of that anger and forgive.

If you don’t, you will go into that courtroom with more accusations than facts, and you will let that young lady down, along with everyone else, to include yourself. Remember why you became a lawyer and allow God to use you not only to win this case, but win this young lady’s soul to Christ.” From that day on, God put this scripture in Jamie’s spirit. She personalized Ezekiel 36:26, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” She asked God to soften her heart and to give her a fresh anointing.

“If you work as unto the Lord, you can be sure that He will work on your behalf, and His good and perfect will, will be done,” her mom often said. So, everyday that she prayed, and looked to God, she got a new revelation, and became closer to Him than ever before. Eventually the case was won, but the bigger victory was the strengthening of her relationship with God. She learned to control what she could, and give God what she couldn’t. She also learned that the greatest win in life, was the winning of lost souls.

Everyday since, she’s marveled at how God used something that caused her so much anger and bitterness, to help her learn to forgive, love and find her way completely back to him. “This case set the course of many people’s destiny, especially mine,” Jamie said in an interview. Not many people knew the depth of what she was saying. It had nothing to do with where she was headed in this life, but where she was going in the next. Jamie’s client was removed from that foster home, and into her boyfriend’s parents care.

At her welcome home party, she thanked Jamie for bringing her home, and Jamie simply said, “No thank you, for bringing me home.” The young girl didn’t know what Jamie was saying, but Jamie could hear the Holy Spirit welcoming her back to the Kingdom of God. Jamie learned that sometimes uncomfortable situations are necessary, in order to lead us back to Him. God doesn’t care about comfort zones, He cares about our salvation. When we realize that He is the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3), then we take comfort in Him, regardless of what we go through.
1 Corinthians 16:14
Let all that you do be done in love.

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