Preparation is one of the most if not the most important step in any situation. Think about it. A boxer just don’t get into a ring to fight without preparation. He trains first by getting in the ring and practicing, he also works out to build his strength and endurance. He even study his opponent so that he is PREPARED.

A couple don’t up and get married without getting to know each other and putting in time to understand who each other are. They have to make sure that they are compatible and that each of their needs will be fulfilled in that relationship along with many other things. If they just hop into a marriage not knowing each other then it will be a disaster.

In our walk with Christ we have to prepare ourselves. We have to pray, study God’s word and obey. Yes we will make mistakes but that’s where preparation comes in. Don’t waddle in your mistakes continue to prepare yourself so that next time you will be wiser and know how to avoid that situation.

Proverbs 22:3 says, “The prudent see danger and takes refuge, but the simple keeps going and pay the penalty.”

Ouch! How many people other than myself has behaved in a simple minded manner?🙋🏾 I know that I have. Sometimes I kept behaving that way until I had enough of making that crappy bed and having to lay in it. It was not comfortable.

So now I prepare myself before I do anything, whether it’s grocery shopping, getting my work clothes together for the week or whatever. I make preparation.

What are some things that you are seeking or striving to attain in life and how are you making preparations to accomplish these things?

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