You Are Enough

I see you baby girl as you get up off the floor-

with your head down, you’re hurt now when once you use to soar-

you are feeling all alone as you wipe away your tear-

pretending nothing ever happened is how you hide away the fear-

No one will understand you so you’re tortured with those thoughts-

that leaves you feeling less and less until you’re left with out-

although you’re covered on the outside-

the nakedness you feel you cannot hide-

you laugh with your friends but when alone you cry-

You are enough.

I see you baby girl as you’re walking home from school-

excited about your new friends and for once you’re feeling cool-

but every one isn’t happy with the smile that’s on your face-

so some make fun of the melanin that makes them the same race-

you don’t pay them much attention even though their words are harsh-

it’s sad to see and hear our people reject the essence of who we are-

But you are enough.

The pressure is on when you come into your own-

you’ve been tested and tried and proven you’re strong-

the very thing that tried to break you is what made you your throne-

And although they didn’t see you-

Your light has been shown-

You walked through the tunnel of depression and low self esteem-

with your head held high because you know you’re a Queen-

They did everything to knock you but you fell on your knees-

In the place is where you found you and I helped YOU BELIEVE-


-Shubricca L. Bell



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