What about me?

Meet Tiffany. Tiffany is the oldest and only daughter in her family and she has a brother who is three. Tiffany brother has an illness where he has to take medication every day at the same time in order for him to perform every day activities as a normal child. Every morning Tiffany parents kisses her and her brother and tell them that they love them. Their parents always ask Tiffany’s brother if he is ok or if he needs anything, every morning. Their dad rubs his son head and smile at him every morning after giving him his medicine. Later in the day Tiffany was outside playing with her brother and her friends as they all ran around carelessly. “Your brother sure can run fast. Wait, isn’t your brother sick? “A friend asked while bending over gasping for air. “Yes,” Tiffany said scratching her head because she doubted his illness at times as well. A part of her loved her brother but a part of her was jealous that he got more attention from their parents than she did. She also couldn’t stand the fact that her friends thought that he was so awesome. “Maybe I should hurt myself so that my parents will love me like they love him,” Tiffany said to herself. The next day right before it was time for her brother to take his medicine Tiffany rolled off of her bunk bed. “Boom”, she hit the floor. Her parents ran in the room. “Oh my goodness. What happened? Tiffany are you alright?” Tiffany wasn’t hurt at all but she was loving the attention from her parents so she lied. “I think that I broke my leg,” she whimpered. Her dad tried to touch it and she screamed. “Come on,” Her dad reached for her hand to sit her up. I’m going to move it a little so I’ll know if you need a doctor .” Just as their dad helped begin to move her leg, her brother began to shake and his eyes begin to roll in the back of his head. Tiffany screamed. “He’s having a seizure,” Mom said. Tiffany ran out of the room (forgetting about her “broken leg”) and ran to get her brother’s medicine. Mom and Dad were to busy to notice that her leg was miraculous healed because they were attending to her brother. After a couple of hours at the hospital, Tiffany brother was feeling better. Mom and dad still hadn’t thought about the fact that Tiffany was walking around just fine. “Mom and dad I have a confession to make. I pretended that I was hurt so that you both would love me the way that you love my brother. This is all my fault and I am sorry. He almost died because I was selfish and only thinking about myself.” Tiffany was sure that she was going to be on a punishment but her dad surprised her with his response. He sat Tiffany on his lap and said, “Thank you for telling us the truth Tiffany. Although we are disappointed, let’s just thank God that your brother is alive and is going to be just fine. I want you to know that we are sorry for making you feel neglected and we love you just as much as we love your brother. Your brother has an illness and we have to know how he’s feeling at all times. Don’t be jealous of your brother, help him just like you did today. You showed a lot of courage by running to get his medicine because your mother and I couldn’t move. We were so focused on his condition that we couldn’t think. You are our little hero and I want you to remember that. Don’t ever be jealous of anyone in life because you don’t know what they are dealing with or what they had to do to get to where they are. When ever there’s a chance for you to get upset or to love. Always choose love.”

(Genesis 45:8 is a good scripture reading related to this about Favor)

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