The untamable tongue

It’s amazing how something so small can have such a large impact. Most of us go about our day saying things and not realizing what we are releasing into our atmosphere. Have you ever talked to someone that has low self esteem? They will tell you that most of the time it’s because of what someone said to them. “You are ugly, good for nothing, you will never be good enough.” Such harsh words that carries a big impact. Those words are released into the air and they become strongholds on that person’s life. Sooner or later those people believe those words and their life reflects it. I personally know someone who will never lose an argument. Even if you have a valid point that person will end the argument like the cartoon picture above and leave you scratching your head like “what?”. James 3 tells us exactly how untamable our tongue can be..    I have to pray a lot when it comes to this untamable thing. I haven’t mastered being slow to speak amongst other things but with the help of our Lord I will. Let’s start to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. 🙂 Watch what happens! If we could just love on each other and speak life into each other then our lives would be that much more peaceful and joyous. 💞

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