Ruth and Boaz.

The book of Ruth shows us first hand how being faithful over a few can make us rulers over many. Ruth was faithful to her mother n law Naomi even after losing her husband. When Naomi begin her journey back to Judah, Ruth was determined to go with her even when Naomi protested. Ruth left the Moabite people behind along with the gods that they served and declared that she would serve our one true God. Ruth was faithful and worked diligently in the fields daily picking up stalks and grain that was left behind. Boaz noticed her and decided that she would work in his field. There was even times that he created work for her. (I’m sure that all kind of women were furious but you can’t be mad at God’s favor.) To make a long story short this rich man Boaz married this poor humble woman who didn’t think that she was too good to pick up straw left behind in the fields. She was faithful over the few and God saw it. There are some of us who refuse to go out and pick up straw. (Work at a fast food place or clean the restrooms at a hospital or housekeeping at a hotel etc.) Some would rather sleep with Tom, Dick and Harry for money to see how far they will get whether it’s in the streets or in a business. Some would rather get their money on a stage dancing butt naked for all to see because they refuse to be humiliated by working in the fields picking up straps. You have to be careful of what you want and how you present yourself. Anybody can throw you a dollar and call you their ho but a real man is going to see the real you when you are at your lowest. He is going to admire your hard work and your humility and your love and faithfulness to God and your family and he is going to make you his queen because you proved yourself different than most. To make a long story short Ruth was the great grandmother of David and we all know how great King David was! God has a blessing on your life and not only yours but your descendants! You may have to be humble and prove to God that you are faithful over picking up straw before you get your own company. Don’t rush it and don’t sell yourself short trying to trick a man out of his money. Be diligent and work hard and the right man will find you.

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