The Game of Life.

What is life? Many people have pondered this question. Not many have discovered the answer. Although it is a lot like a football game, it is definitely not a game. In life we are the running back and the football we hold is everything that we hold onto on a daily basis, whether it’s our career, family, finances, sanity, love, happiness, burdeneds…. These things are hard to manage by ourselves. It can get pretty ruff out here in this field of life so we must suit up! Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the devil schemes. I believe we can play either offense or defense depending on how you look at the game. If you look at life as if you’re trying to reach your goal but you have to fight through many obstacles to get there then you are on the offense. If you look at life as if you will do everything in your power to keep the enemy from scoring any person (deceiving them), including yourself then you are on the offense! Either way we are on the same team just playing different positions. All of us should be looking out for one another but I believe the person that does it the most is the ones God has designated as our Shepherds and overseers. I’d like to think of God as our coach. He is ultimately in charge of our team. When Jesus ascended into heaven he left us his Holy Spirit, the  quarterback because he has given us everything we need to run this game of life. He passes us the ball and we are the running back at that point. We can run with faith until the end knowing that Jesus is with and within us and the good news is that when feel overwhelmed and make the mistake of forgetting that he is with us, we can go to him and give him the ball… Jesus (the receiver), who wore all our burdens on the cross and won the victory for us over 2000 years ago! Isn’t this exciting! He touchdown for us even before we were formed in our mothers womb! If only we could see that God has set in place Angels who play the position of our defense tackle, linebackers etc. You get my drift. Let me just say that I am reading football for dummies as I’m typing this because I don’t watch football enough to know this stuff. Anyways I just wanted to give you all something to think about today before we all gather with family and friends to watch the game. Happy Super Bowl 50!

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