Not right now…

Ever feel like the above picture? Trying to juggle life can be both exciting and stressful at times. We’re trying to study for final exams on only an hour of sleep because we work a full time job not to mention Jr. just went to sleep at 5am the same time the alarm went off for you to make your husband a cup of coffee, straighten his tie and kiss him before he’s off to work. “I just need some time to myself. “Not right now baby, mama is using the potty.” ” Sorry that I can’t make the football game son, daddy has to work.” How many times we’ve said these things not realizing how it affects our loved ones? Don’t get me wrong, every now and then we need to set aside some “me” time for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with some peace and quiet every now and then to collect our thoughts. A vacation is definitely helpful as well. All I’m saying is never be too busy to be bothered by loved ones. I know personally that I’m happy to get a break whenever my kids go out of town with their grandmother but five minutes after they leave I be like a sick puppy by the door waiting for them to come back. 🐶 We have to cherish our kids, our spouse, parents, relatives and close friends even when their a headache. They need us and depend on us for something that only we can give. There will come a day that our kids will grow up and we’ll miss the days that they use to bother us. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but we don’t live forever either so, cherish every moment and never be too busy to be bothered. 😘

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